In Delilah's Eyes:                 

              Dog Training From a Dog's Perspective

This book takes you on a journey into dog training from the dog's perspective. Through the eyes of her canine colleague, Delilah, you will learn how human behavior appears to dogs and how you can change the way you interact with your furry friend in order to close the communication gap between people and dogs. A free pdf is not available for download so everyone can take advantage of this entertaining and informational book.

Pet Portraits by Cheryl

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E-Mail Consults for Behavior Problems

Living with animals can be so much fun, but it can also be exhausting when they start acting in ways we don't always understand. Cheryl has been working in animal behavior for over 20 years and can help you have a better understanding of why your animal behaving in certain ways and can give you ideas on how to change the behavior. If she feels you may need one-on-one assistance, she can help you find a trainer that will fit your needs in your area. E-mail Cheryl with your problem to get started, and she will help develop a plan that works best for you and your furry friend. No initial cost until the plan is put in action, so you have nothing to lose by contacting her today!

Why contact Cheryl?

  • Years of experience with all methods of training

  • A sympathetic, non-judgmental ear to listen to your problems

  • A list of solutions to get you started with dog or cat behavior issues

  • Video chats available if needed for evaluating and working on the behavior problems

  • Someone to help guide you to finding a local trainer if one-on-one hands-on training is needed

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Art Helping Animals

Cheryl has always had a love of animals and art, so she decided to combine the two to help raise money for the animals in her community. A portion of the sale of her artwork goes to help rescues who work tirelessly to find forever homes for loving animals. Check out her Gallery for other works of art by Cheryl.