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Cheryl Falkenburry
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Running an animal related business can seem like a lot of fun, but people often forget there are a lot of administrative tasks involved in keeping a business running. Small businesses can't always afford to hire a full-time secretary or don't really have a physical office. What most small animal businesses need is someone with the expertise to collaborate on business development, goals, marketing, and tracking finances. That's where Cheryl comes in.

Having run her own animal-related business for over 30 years, she understands the ins and outs of the administrative tasks involved. Although secretarial services are offered, Cheryl an Administrative Consultant, offers far more. She forms a collaborative business partnership and will devise a plan that suits the individual company's needs.

If you need help with your animal-related business, don't hesitate to contact Cheryl to see what she can do to help you enhance your business and free yourself to do what your really enjoy most...helping the animals.

Sorry, Center Hill only provides assistance to small animal-related businesses. We prefer ongoing partnerships but can provide short-term project assistance when needed.

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