Don't miss out on fun, educational, and entertaining lectures and workshops. Cheryl sheds light on many animal behavior issues and how people often need to change their behavior in order to change their animal's behavior. People leave Cheryl's lectures with a new understanding of their animals and themselves. Do you have a group interested in animal behavior lectures? This is a good way for non-profits to raise money. Call or e-mail Cheryl for a list of prices and be sure to mention if you are a non-profit to receive the best deal.

Cheryl now offers lectures on her new book In Delilah's Eyes: Dog Training from a Dog's Perspective. Learn how dogs look at the world and where communication between humans and dogs fails due to our lack of understanding. This is a great lecture for those thinking about getting a dog, those who have just acquired one, and even long-time dog-lovers who may be surprised at what they learn.

Enhance the human-animal bond by attending one of Cheryl's lectures. Check back for a lecture schedule or e-mail Cheryl to schedule a lecture. info@centerhillschool.com

Contact Info:
Cheryl Falkenburry
Cheryl's Phone: 434-591-6113

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Fun and educational lectures and workshops.