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Cats and toilet paper



Q:My cat has a fetish for toilet paper.She finds nothing more fun than standing on the toilet seat and pawing at the toilet roll until the entire thing is unrolled on the floor.Then she goes and shreds up all the paper.†† How can I stop this obsession of hers?


Ah, thereís nothing more fun than spinning toilet paper off the roll!Many cats (and dogs) enjoy this game.The easiest solution?óclose the bathroom door.O.K. that sounds simple enough, but if you have kids and a husband who just canít remember to do that, what do you do then?Leaving the toilet seat up often makes it a little more difficult for the cat to balance and roll at the same time, but for the persistent cat, this only adds a new challenge to the game.You could take the roll off and put it in a cabinet, but then you might leave a poor guest searching in desperation.You may want to get a motion sensor device.They make ones that spray a harmless gas that makes a hissing noise to discourage cats from going in that area.Of course, warn unsuspecting humans to turn the device off before using your facilities or they may be in for a surprise themselves. Another solution is to turn the toilet paper roll around so the paper dispenses from the back.As the cat tries to roll the paper it just winds itself around instead of unrolling on the floor.Suddenly the fun is gone.I havenít met too many cats that learn to reverse their rolling technique, although Iím sure there are a few out there that may just figure it out.Nothing surprises me anymore!Most importantly, get your cat involved in other activities.Interactive toys for your cat that dispense treats or move will help give your cat more stimulation.A bored cat will find entertainment.Give her plenty to do so she forgets all about the paper game.

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