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Serving the needs of dogs, cats, and their humans.
Cheryl Falkenburry, Animal Behavior Consultant, helps make sense of mind-boggling animal behavior. Below are some typical problems encountered while people share their life and homes with cats and dogs. Can't find your problem in the list? Then e-mail Cheryl your questions, and she'll do her best to help you solve the problem.

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Behavior Topics--Adobe Reader is required to open the following Behavior articles.

Dog Behavior Issues

Barking Bowser

Chew-a-holic Dogs

Digging Dogs


Crate Training

Piddle Problems

Preparing Fluffy and Fido for Baby

Puppy Biting

Lick the Licking Habit

Separation Anxiety

Stop Jumping

Noise Fears

Thunderstorm Fears

Cat Behavior Issues

Preparing Fluffy and Fido for Baby

Handling Neighbor Dog Problems

Litter Box Problems

Scratching Destruction

Taking the Pounce and Bite out of Tigger

Socializing and Handling for Cats

Dealing with the Night Owl Cat

Cat Enclosure
Image for cat Enclosure

The Law and Your Dog

The Law and Your Dog

Bird Behavior Issues

The Screaming Conure

Please be sure to get professional help whenever dealing with aggression problems. Also have your animal checked by a veterinarian whenever behaviors suddenly change. Sometimes health issues can be the problem. Good nutrition is also important. The brain needs proper fuel to function at its best!

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The following are some past "Ask Cheryl" articles from The Rural Virginian Serving Scottsville, Lake Monticello, Palmyra, Fork Union, Troy, and Buckingham.

Animal Disaster Plan

Animal Introductions

How to Deal With Annoying Animals

The Importance of Annual Vet Visits

What does a cat's purr mean?

Problem with Cat Marking

Is catnip safe for cats?
How to keep a dog from chasing cars.

My cat is peeing on my bed!

Cat Scratching problem.

Cat having way too much fun with toilet paper!

The Demanding Dog

Giving Bunnies as Easter Gifts

Grieving the loss of a pet

Headstrong Pit Bull

Holiday Manners

Housebreaking woes

Jumping Jack

Chosing a kennel or petsitter

Multiple Pet Household

Aggression Myth

Nail Clipping Issues

How to select the proper pet for your family.

How to teach a dog to play.

The Great Houdini--How to keep him from escaping.

The Great Outdoors---or is it?

Fear of Thunder
Cat doesn't like boyfriend

How to train cats.