About Cheryl


All around the United States to Japan and across to England, Cheryl Falkenburry has traveled the world helping people make sense of mind-boggling animal behavior. Working with animal behaviorists in Arizona and England, majoring in psychology, and becoming a certified parenting educator prepared Cheryl to teach both humans and animals. Cheryl recognized that the concepts of positive parenting and loving leadership worked whether her clients were parents of human children or furry ones and applies her positive parenting skills to her animal training. She has helped thousands of people develop new and exiting relationships with the animals who share their lives. Although she no longer holds classes or teaches in homes, she does consultations in veterinarian clinics, mentors other trainers, assists them with paperwork so they can focus on the fun part of training, and still provides behavior e-mail and digital video consultations to those who need help getting started on the right path with their animals. In her spare time, she uses her artistic talents to create artwork to sell and help raise a little money for local rescue groups by donating a portion of the proceeds of her sales.

Check out the Gallery for some samples of some of the artwork she has done in the past. A link to an Etsy shop and upcoming show where she will appear will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to email her if you see something of interest.

If you need help with animal behavior, feel free to email her or check out the Behavior Issues page with articles. The drop down tab can be found under Services. Be sure to download your free copy of In Delilah's Eyes: Dog Training from a Dog's Perspective. Click on the red paw above to go straight to the link or click on Services.