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Animal Behavior Problems?


Cheryl is semi-retired and offers limited private sessions for some cat and dog behavior issues and for grief counseling. E-mail consultations are available and can help get you started on a path to understanding issues you may be dealing with. If Cheryl feels you need hands-on assistance with a professional trainer, she will assist you in finding a trainer in your area if she is unable to help due to health issues. Many typical problems like separation anxiety, pica, and housebreaking issues are often problems that can be solved via e-mails.

Need a trainer in your area? Go to to find a local trainer. Be sure to ask questions about their experience, methods, and complete costs before committing to a session. We strongly advise you avoid trainers who say they "guarantee" training or use any kind of "stimulation" collars. Ask before handing over a deposit exactly what the plan is for training your pet.