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Ever wonder why your dog seems so stubborn? Does it seem like your dog is just doing things to upset you? Your dog's behavior may be mind-boggling, but have you ever stopped to think how your behavior looks to your dog? Animal Behavior Consultant, Cheryl Falkenburry, takes you on a journey into dog training from the dog's perspective. Through the eyes of her canine colleague, Delilah, you will learn how human behavior appears to dogs and how you can change the way you interact with your furry friend in order to close the communication gap between people and dogs.

In Delilah's Eyes shows how to enhance the human-animal bond by teaching skills to your canine companion which are useful in the human world. By using positive simple training steps, you can teach your dog how to become a good canine citizen in your household and the community.

In Delilah's Eyes is out of print. Good news, though, you can download the book for free. Free on-line pdf of In Delilah's Eyes . Just click the link and a pdf will open. You will need Adobe Reader to download it. Read and share as you please.

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